Funding Operations of Nonprofit Organizations in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Fort Mill, South Carolina is a bustling city that is constantly growing and developing. To keep up with the growth, the city has set up a business fund to finance its water and sewer system operations. The financial statements of the owner fund can be found here.In addition to the city's operations, Fort Mill is also home to the Fort Mill Community Theater. This nonprofit organization has been providing quality plays for more than 40 years and is mainly funded by membership fees, corporate sponsorships, and donations.

The board of directors, support staff, and cast members are all volunteers and the money is used for the maintenance of the theater, payment of directors, royalties, materials for scenery, costumes, rent, and operating budget. Mayor Guynn Savage recently announced a new project outside the historic Fort Mill Arsenal. This project will provide an operations center to help control growth in the city. In addition to this project, Mayor Savage also unveiled plans to renovate the Armory, which was built in 1938. This renovation will help preserve its history. CN2 is another important part of Fort Mill's community that offers quality video programming and production services since its debut in 1992. Nonprofit organizations in Fort Mill are essential for providing quality services to its citizens. These organizations rely on membership fees, corporate sponsorships, donations, and other sources of funding to operate.

The city's business fund and projects such as the Armory renovation are also helping to ensure that these organizations can continue to provide their services.

Pearl Muranaka
Pearl Muranaka

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